Rich and Karin Esselstrom: World Impact San Diego, California


We have been with World Impact for 27 years doing Bible clubs, church planting, and leadership development. Currently, Karin has a heart for listening and healing prayer and is very involved with this through one of the churches we helped to start. She has also been a home school mom for over a decade. Rich directs The Urban Ministry Institute of San Diego (TUMISD). TUMI is a ministry of World Impact. It is a teaching institute that exists to equip leaders for the urban church especially among the poor in order to advance the Kingdom of God. We provide seminary level training which is affordable and accessible to the urban poor. We have 150 satellite training centers around the world and in 30 CA State prisons. TUMI has 5 classes running in the SD/TJ area throughout the week, training over 40 leaders.

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Pastor: Norlyn Kent