Missionaries Prayer Requests

John Dembeck - Seeds to Life, Coral Springs, FL
God’s leading & provision
podcast release next month
email subscription list to grow

Zachary McKay – Greater Europe Mission
European borders to open so I may enter

e3 Ministries - India/Africa
God’s blessing on upcoming surgery & healing
wisdom when to resume travel to India

Chris and Michelle John – San Diego
for us to be more effective than ever before

Barto & Tenielle – Loved by God Ministries, Burkina Faso, West Africa
for us to get back to Burkina, we've had constant flight cancellations
more sponsors for our school
unrest & threat of terrorism in Burkina
construction projects to finish well
students & staff to stay healthy and safe

Rich and Karen Esselstrom – World Impact
online TUMI classes & the Onesimus Workshops

Wes Anderson – Code 7 CVPO Chaplain
law enforcement, their families & their interaction with the public while faced with exposure to the virus

Eric and Regina Martin– San Diego
families who’ve lost jobs & not eligible for unemployment
churches worldwide to open soon
wisdom & discernment about how to effectively reach people

James and Regina Gamboa - Project 1:1
our merge with Murphy’s Produce
mass distribution & need during COVID-19
continued volunteers & finances
thanks to HSB for coming alongside

Garett and Stephanie Jackson – Flying for Jesus, Oaxaca, Mexico
Mikkael’s chronic health issue
Stephanie’s migraines
family to stand firm on God’s promises
Miriam & sister to find summer jobs & trust God

Chapin Marsh - YDI/CCU
for full accreditation for CCU & finishing paperwork

Tom Levesque - Prison Ministry
safety & good health for inmates & CDC personnel

Ryan & Kayla McDonald – Open Air Campaigners, Albania

Juan and Chris Flores- Horizonte Rosarito, Mexico

Sara Lou and Courtney Profeta – El Cajon





Pastor: Norlyn Kent