John Dembeck - Plano, Texas

John Dembeck

"Combining the roles of life coaching and chaplaincy, the vision of Seeds to Life is to work with people to take them from "Start to Flourish". Using the platforms of both boardrooms and pulpits to take the message that work was given to us before "the Fall" for our good and God's glory and can be an act of worship as we put our hands to the plow.

The ministry of Seeds to Life is focused on the marketplace and to the church leader with a heart to make individual connections and encourage and strengthen believers in their work and their calling. The vision is to see individuals flourish and fully express who God has created them to be, fighting against languishing and apathy for the benefit of the kingdom.

Seeds to life partners with individuals, churches and businesses to support the ministry and share in the vision.

The gospel is at the heart of the ministry to encourage people to be in right relationship with God and those around them for the benefit of the kingdom. Winnings souls to Christ is the goal and allowing people to thrive in their work and shine in their communities."



Teri Profeta


Pastor: Norlyn Kent