e3 Partners San Diego, California


“e3 Partners is committed to exceptional stewardship of God’s people through opportunities, sources and knowledge to ‘Equip God’s people to Evangelize His world by Establishing His Church’.

Our first focus is to equip God’s people, everywhere, to share Christ’s love in word and deed. This is done through providing tools and training for lay people and mobilizing them for mission around the world. It could be as simple as getting involved in an “I am Second” group or as intentional as going on an e3 Expedition.

Our second focus is to evangelize the world by growing disciple-making leaders. Even after mobilizing thousands each year for expeditions, it is our intent that these missionaries nurture disciples during and after their expeditions. Their leadership is crucial to the multiplication of believers.

Our third focus revolves around establishing churches that multiply and make a lasting impact on their surrounding communities. We want to see each church plant reproduce itself to at least the third generation (3G). This has proven to be a successful method for instituting cultural change within communities. We measure this success by monitoring: the number of people mobilized; the number of people accepting Christ as Savior; the number of churches/groups established and; the number of third generation churches/groups. This keeps us accountable to our mission and to those that invest resources with us.” e3partners.org






Pastor: Norlyn Kent