In all my years as an "aware" citizen and Christian, I believe there has never been a more vulnerable time for our country and for the organized church, than today. Our country hasn't slipped from its Judeo-Christian moorings, it's purposefully chosen to abandon them.

As I've studied and taught through the major prophets the reality of how God deals with a nation who chooses to disregard Him becomes clear.

Last Sunday, as I was preaching and in post-service considering, my heart was more aware than ever of the "Spirit of Antichrist" that prevails from our highest to lowest positions of political power.

Is the AntiChrist himself now alive and moving in his role, I have some thoughts on that, but I'm unwilling to state them openly because I'm uncertain and conjectures can add to the confusion and diminish the message of what we know to be true. There is no question that the "spirit of antichrist" is reaching a crescendo.

Our choice as a nation to close off the biblical message from our public considerations concerning how we will conduct ourselves as a people and the organized church's jettison of biblical orthodoxy has left "we the people" and even the average church goer to flounder between anti-Christian philosophies; which are "darkness". It's no coincidence that we have no "wisdom light" to guide us in resolving our national and cultural issues.....we're swimming in choice.

We are certainly vulnerable to God's corrective hand. I don't how He's stayed it for as long as He has. What I can't be certain of is when His patience will run out or by what means He will choose to bring correction. He's certainly under no obligation (as He is by covenant with Israel) to do anything to make our national future certain.......and there seems no mention of us in eschatological terms. He may choose to allow us to reap the natural consequences of our choices without correction. Many once powerful nations have dissolved into history with hardly a whisper of remembrance.

Our beginnings and success as a nation carry many imprints of God's protection and hand of blessing (along with some terrible ugliness as well). I have to believe we were blessed because God chose to bless the body of saints who inhabited and even attempted to lead this land in a Godly direction.

I still feel that it's the Christian community that holds the key to our future.....the ones called by His name. Until we His people repent of our sins and glorify Him in our daily lives, I don't believe we have any right to expect His intervention in the natural course of our national self destruction. It's for us to pursue Christ individually and to walk in the light that will do the most good. Perhaps He will once again look on our nation and preserve it for the sake of the community of His saints......I hope so, because I love this country......though my heart aches over its present condition and course.


Teri Profeta


Pastor: Norlyn Kent