Sara Lou and Courtney Profeta - El Cajon, California

Courtney and Sara

Sara: Over the past few years, God has given me the opportunity to build relationships and share the gospel with the families in a neighborhood in El Cajon. The more time that I spent in this neighborhood, the more I fell in love with the people, and the more passionate I became about wanting them to truly know Jesus and the unfailing love that He has for them. While in my final year of high school, I kept asking God where He wanted me to be once I graduated, and where He wanted me to go. He kept telling me the neighborhood in El Cajon. I knew for certain that He wanted me to move here, in order to better and more fully share the gospel and my life with the beloved people who live here.

Courtney: In August of 2015, Sara and I moved into an apartment together in El Cajon. Our goal here is simple—we desire to love our neighbors as ourselves. Love comes in many forms. It may look like visiting a sick neighbor in the hospital or walking kids to school in the morning. It may look like inviting our neighbors over for breakfast or doing facemasks and playing board games with kids after they get home from school. Every morning when we wake up, we never know what will be asked of us that day. But all we can do is follow the Lord’s leading and strive to love as Jesus loves.

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Pastor: Norlyn Kent